We offer

  • Free of charge offers providing services for all clients
  • Job positions for healthcare employees in Germany and Switzerland
  • Job offers to by-us-verified hospitals
  • We cover all the costs reagrding the job interview
  • After succesfull job interview, we cover all the expenses for your new job (translation of documents, job approval expenses,..) up to 800 euro
  • After you start the job, we are happy to stay in contact in case of any problems

What you need

  • B2 German certificate
  • Fill in one of our customized CVs and send it to us
  • Fill in our contact form in case you woud like to recieve notifications about new job positions


Our service

We provide job offers primarily for doctors, but in case of interest also for nurses, tenders, physiotherapists and pharmacists. We are in contact with wide spectrum of healthcare facilities in Germany and Switzerland.

Language skills

For working in Germany you need B2 certificate from one of the acknowledged institutions. We recommend the Goethe-Institut, because its certificate is valid in every part of Germany. After submiting the certificate, you need to pass the C1 Fachspracheprüfung. Every federal Land has its own examination. After succesful exam, the doctor acquires approval for working in a German hospital.


Based on your profile, we find you a hospital that suits you best and arrange an interview. The time period for finding a job position is individual. The interview lasts approximately for one hour and is held in German.

Interview, job approval and job entry

After succesfull job interview, you recieve a promise for the job positon from the hospital of your interest. From us you recieve all the information you need to start working in Germany (Approbation or Arbeitserlaubnis). In 3 to 4 months you can start to work. Acknowledgement of the attestation takes usually another 6 months.

Salary, employment trial period and vacation

Monthly gross income of a resident (Assistenzarzt) is between 4000-4600 euro without extra shifts. Gross income of a specialist (Facharzt) starts at approximately 6000 euro without extra shifts.

Employment trial period lasts usually for 6 months. In this time there is a notice period with a 4 week duration.

Vacation is 5 to 6 weeks per year.